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March 10, 2005 In the first Polyamory Weekly Podcast, Minx begins her series of "coming out" stories by interviewing her lover, Graydancer, and sharing her own stories. Also, a question from a listener is addressed: Should a monogamous and a polyamorous marry? MP3 Download
March 18, 2005 The second edition of polyweekly is a little rough around the edges as Minx gets used to her recording setup, but the interview with ThistleWitch is just to good to pass up. So pretend you're listening to AM radio, and enjoy the Coming Out story along with a discussion of the difference between commitment and fidelity. MP3 Download
March 26, 2005 This week's edition features listener feedback from the distingued Amy Gahran, creater of Contentious, Labels: We All Hate Them, So Why Use Them?, and Chris' coming-out and staying-in stories. MP3 Download
April 2, 2005 Minx interviews Edward Dain for the other side of a "coming out" story: a "staying in" story, at the suggestion of a listener. MP3 Download
April 10, 2005 STD follow-up and fluid-bonding; Time and value for lovers; Where to meet poly people; wibbles MP3 Download
April 17, 2005 This week's edition features follow-up to last week's teaser about practice vs. disposition and "frubble" vs. "compersion", as well as listener-suggested topics, including preconceptions about poly folk and whether one should complain/vent about issues with one lover to another lover. It's all here! MP3 Download
April 25, 2005 Promos and plugs and nekkid mugs o' minx; oh, my! And then, eventually, we get to the listener question of whether or not to come out, to whom, and how; Graydancer and minx tackle the listener-suggested topic of the how and wherefores of negotiations; and and ode to sluts. Didn't catch that website? Show notes are now available at http://www.livejournal.com/users/polyweekly MP3 Download
May 2, 2005 In this week's podcast, Graydancer and minx noodle over two Doms making a right and how to get to that frubbly place when you've had painful poly experiences, with thanks to CR for writing in and asking about those topics. Also, discussion of Mistresse Matisse's article on the Hot Bi Babe phenomenon. MP3 Download
May 8, 2005 This week's edition features reader mail; minx stroking herself, and Graydancer and minx share their communication over a recent poly issue. MP3 Download
May 17, 2005 Oodles of kind listener feedback, and minx finally attacks the dreaded J. MP3 Download
May 31, 2005 This week's special one-hour edition features Graydancer weighing in with minx on the sex-in-the-closet issue; How to Fuck Up a Poly Relationship; and a very special interview with David, chela and sheva discussing how they maintain the stability of their triad. MP3 Download
June 7, 2005 In this week's edition, Topbit gives London poly resources; minx applauds a non-poly but sensible columnist, discusses communication yet again, and decidedly does not give advice to an LJ buddy living communally with partners who are in the closet. But if anyone else wants to give advice... :-) MP3 Download
June 14, 2005 This week's edition features minx's punishment for her audience; minxings on appropriate "rules" for poly relationships; Polly Wally fun; and a teaser for next week's show on dealing with NRE. MP3 Download
June 21, 2005 This episode is chock-fulla poly goodness! Listener feedback, a feature on Fleshbot, an interview with Polly Wally's creator Kirby Ferguson, and the much-teased-about interview with Graydancer and Genevieve discussing dealing with NRE. MP3 Download
June 28, 2005 This week's edition features discussion of cons and whether minx is a geek or not; a badly-acted radio play of a couple debating whether to go non-monogamous or not; and oh yeah, lots of talk about cocks, fucking and still more cocks as minx interviews Graydancer and FencerT after a weekend of boys-on-girl threesome fun MP3 Download
July 5, 2005 This week's edition features listener mail and discussions of different communication styles; how it's NOT all about the sex; what kind of geek minx is exactly; and the long-awaited second half of the interview with Graydancer and Genevieve discussing dealing with NRE. MP3 Download
July 12, 2005 This week's edition features listener mail; more on the question of geekiness; minx posing the question of using tokens/symbols for relationships; and finally, Rose and Pirate discuss their poly commitment ceremony vows. MP3 Download
July 19, 2005 This week's edition is all-listener-directed, all the time! We tickle issues of using tokens or actions to distinguish poly relationships, of dealing with metamours we don't especially like, of facing prejudices towards the poly lifestyle, and we even finish up by asking if anyone has gone mono after being poly and why. MP3 Download
July 26, 2005 This week's edition features an adult warning; listener mail including a poly matchmaking site and the "hotwife lifestyle"; resources for poly jewelry and tee-shirts; and finally, an interview with Graydancer about coming out as poly with children in the family. MP3 Download
August 2, 2005 In this week's show, more on the hotwife lifestyle, on being poly and living with herpes, one listener's story of coming out to children, why minx is fucking pissed off and how minx discovered that all her listeners were big perverts. MP3 Download
August 9, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: indecent communication, bumper stickers, that pesky mono to poly transition--how the hell do you do it??, swinging vs polyamory, and do you feel lucky? MP3 Download
August 16, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: mail, mail and more mail--just the way I like it! A message for the the perverts, a call for smut, and an upcoming interview. MP3 Download
August 23, 2005 On this week's special hour-long edition, with co-host Graydancer: review of Ohio Leather Fest seminars by Dossie Easton, Janet Hardy and Michelle Belanger. Listener mail covers cooperating communities (not!), more on poly vs. swinging and relationship roles and labels. And the Secret Lover cards--passionate or cop-out? MP3 Download
Special: Michelle Belanger Interview In this special-addition interview from Ohio Leather Fest (pardon the background noise!), Michelle discusses why she is poly; intersex vs. hermaphrodite; labels; her intro to poly; her band and her books; her grandfather's kink; and why psychic vampire can be a good thing. MP3 Download
August 30, 2005 On this week's show: thoughts on luck in America, a listener's first frubble, poly cards in the offing? A taste of poly smut, facing monogamy, more on the big J, and a poly mission statement. MP3 Download
September 6, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: all Dossie, all Janet all the time! Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy weigh in on whether poly is about the sex, the relatioship between bdsm and polyamory, jealousy, and the role of role-playing. MP3 Download
September 13, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: masturbatathon, and Dossie Easton and Janet Harday answer the tough questions: after gay marriage, will there be more sex with goats? Will there be an Ethical Slut two, and more on Radical Ecstasy. MP3 Download
September 20, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: back to the smut!; Amy Gahran talks about coming out professionally; how to be "the new one;" are we all happy in the same way?; and good poly media coverage. MP3 Download
October 4, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: Kinky Kollege, the Polyamory Weekly drinking game, unindicted co-conspirators, poly in the media, a Dutch threesome, earbud-worthy podcasts and a whole conference on the big J. MP3 Download
October 11, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: more poly resources, how NOT to be a slut, poly singers, and an interview with RatBastd on breakin' up is hard to do. MP3 Download
October 18, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: a monogamist sounds in about Jacques Attali's article; MinofSin and minx sit down and discuss Christian faith/ethics/spirituality with respect to polyamory; and Michelle Belanger's book Sacred Hunger is finally out! MP3 Download
October 25, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: poly living arrangements, Big Love and Dr. Ruth says there is no such thing as a bisexual! MP3 Download
November 1, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: poly living, poly dating, those crazy Mormons, poly conferences, poly in the media, a poly sponsor and communication wisdom. MP3 Download
November 7, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: Heinlein, labels, writing erotica and a special interview with BDSM/poly-friendly author, Stephen Elliott. MP3 Download
November 14, 2005 Coming up: more on Mormons, stroking the minx, the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire, and an interview with Lolita Wolf. MP3 Download
November 22, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: love and silliness; poly in the media and a Philadelphia swinger club is shut down. MP3 Download
November 29, 2005 minx and Graydancer discuss staying in at Thanksgiving, and the long-awaited interview with Sean David Wright. MP3 Download
Genevieve in for Cunningminx (December 8, 2005) With minx out sick this week, her metamour Genevieve (Graydancer's wife) fills in with a brief message. MP3 Download
Genevieve and Graydancer in for Cunningminx (December 15, 2005) polyweekly.livejournal.com MP3 Download
December 28, 2005 Coming up on this week's show: minx is feeling better; compersion; bisexuals; moving to Canada; the benefits of being secondary. MP3 Download
January 3, 2006 Coming up on this week's show: a bit more on jealousy, poly pet peeves, Penthouse Forum, and does poly ruin your fantasy life? MP3 Download
January 10, 2006 Coming up on this week's show: minx can die happy; she's in Penthouse!; Pagan Polyamory; threesomes; and swingers, soccer and Montel Williams. MP3 Download
January 17, 2006 Coming up on this week's show: gay and poly in NYC; jealousy; poly-mono marriage; and MMF erotica. MP3 Download
January 24, 2006 Coming up on this week's show: more on MMF erotica, a poly conference and a short story by Stephen Elliott. MP3 Download